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The social network Instagram prepares a series of changes to improve the search process on its platform and has announced that soon allow your users to search for content by typing keywords into your search engine

So far, the Instagram search engine is focused on getting how results of social network profiles or ‘hashtags’ relevant, but the platform has stated in a statement its intention to provide “a full page of results“for searches.

In this way, when users search for a term and Instagram, such as ‘space’, they will receive not only accounts with this name but also space images and videos through the use of a keyword system.

Instagram, which for the moment has only anticipated that these changes will arrive “soon”, has ensured that it is focusing on the development of keyword searches in English, but what in the future he plans to extend the function to more languages

The platform has provided more details on how the search engine works today, and has stated that in addition to search terms, user activity also has an influence on what results it receives.

Instagram has also recommended actions to improve search results on accounts, such as including the type of content in the profile name, keywords and location in the biography or the use of relevant words and ‘hashtags’ in the publications.

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