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When you hear the term laser tag, you probably tend to think of claustrophobic interior spaces with lots of flashing lights and sound effects. However, the laser tag has evolved and these days one can expect a much more immersive experience that offers real combat scenarios around a battlefield.

What is a laser tag?
In terms of game style, the closest thing you can compare to the laser tag is paintball. But with the help of a laser tag, you can not only use a new and exciting weapon, but you also do not have to worry about pain as a result of the effect of paintballs. During a Laser Tag game, two teams will face each other to achieve set goals and win a series of games.

Each game usually consists of five or six rounds and lasts about two hours. Completing the various goals of the games requires teamwork and communication at all times, making the laser tag a perfect experience for children as well as an ideal activity for team building for adults.

How does the laser tag work?
During a laser tag game, players are not actually hit by projectiles, but by laser beams. Each player starts the game with 100 health points, which are deducted from the damage points he received from enemy fire. This scoring system is very similar to the way video games work. To give you a better idea of ​​how the laser tag system works, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Each player with a weapon starts the game with 100 health points, and in most cases, five lives.
  • When a player is shot by an enemy, he will lose health points. One successful hit will result in ten damage points. Although this amount will vary depending on the type of weapon used.
  • When a player receives 100 damage points, he is eliminated and loses one life point. In this situation he can not shoot again until he restores more life. The player’s weapon will start flashing red and become a sound, to ensure he is aware that he has been eliminated.
  • Each player’s weapon will also inform him of other information during the game. The signals include a cleared target, double killing or even triple killing if there was a particularly good hit. In addition, all the statistics of the team and the players are recorded, such as their killing count and also their killing ratio to death and disqualification.
  • Once a player is eliminated, he will run to the nearest return point, where one of our team members will return him (minus one life) immediately to battle.
  • Once an actor has exhausted all of his five lives, he will no longer be able to react.

Fun and surprising game!

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