Most dogs are loyal and supportive sometimes even more than best friends. They accept their owners unconditionally, and do not ask for too much in return. Many want to take care of their dog who depends on almost everything, but with a busy life, work around the clock, kids and a house to clean, sometimes things can get missed.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of apps for dog owners that will ultimately improve their and their dog’s quality of life. Because many apps have been created, and at record speeds, their sheer number can be confusing. site Top10 From the Israeli company Natural Intelligence Publish a list of 10 auxiliary apps for dog owners. The company is assisted by a team of experts who scan the network for mentions of the brands and examine this over time in addition to the consumer response to the brands in order to produce the ultimate and most objective list.

For owners who want to tame the dog

iClicker. Dog training is a serious business. There are dogs that the process takes a short time, because the breed to which they belong has high discipline and obedience. But there are dogs, which the training process lasts to some extent all their lives, and this of course requires a lot of financial resources and a lot of time on the part of the dog owner. This app will help you go through this journey in a friendly way. The app adopts the positive and negative approach and offers detailed tutorials, step by step, videos and recordings that will help tame any type of dog you choose. An interesting feature of the app is that it has a pool of distracting sounds that usually make the dog bark loudly like doorbells, car and people’s footsteps. With the help of the sounds you can train the dog not to bark and thus prepare for the moment of truth. The app has a fun and friendly interface. The app is available on iOS and free.

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For owners who want to keep an eye on the dog

iCam. Designed for those of us who do not work in a fashionable startup that allows puppies to run around the office, and want to follow his dog as he sits patiently in the living room waiting for you to return home. The app allows you to remotely track your dog from your cell phone. The app may make you feel a little nosy, and you may find that the dog does get on the couch when you are not there, but this is a great way to check what the dog’s condition is at home. The app costs $ 4.99 and is available on both Android and iOS.

Whistle. If your dog has a habit of escaping or taking himself for a walk at sea without a permit, this app will help you easily track his route using a GPS whistle that easily attaches to his neck. Another feature of the app is the ability to set the boundaries of the dog’s walking area, when the app will automatically notify you if it crosses these boundaries. The app also allows tracking the health of the dog, and sells a variety of devices for tracking the dog in the app – from a GPS whistle that can be attached to the collar to a smart collar. Starting price is $ 79.

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For owners who want to monitor health

Pet Coach. Raising dogs is a serious responsibility, and their health and maintenance should be taken as seriously as possible. If you occasionally run into questions about your dog’s health this is the place for you. In this app you can ask questions or search among the thousands of questions that have already been asked about your dog’s health issues, his behavior or anything else. The app is the leading source for trusted veterinary advice. In addition, the site contains hundreds of articles by veterinarians. The app is free and available on iOS and Android.

Another app is PupTox Which informs you which food is right for your dog and which can harm him, according to a wide range of parameters. In addition, the app has a useful database of more than 250 toxic plants for dogs. For some dogs this can be a app. The app is free and available on iOS only.

For owners who travel a lot in the world

Bring Fido. If you like to travel the world, and feel like attaching your best friend, who is your dog, this is the app for you. The app has an extensive database of friendly areas around the world. With the help of the app you can plan your trip based on hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches suitable for pets. The app is free and available on iOS only. You can also enjoy the database on the website.

Rover. Known as the “Hoover of the Dwarfwalkers” with a search database of more than 100,000 containing reliable babysitters who will take care of your dog if necessary and Dogwalkers from around the world. Everyone in the database has a rating so you can make sure you leave your best friend in good hands. The app is free and available on iOS and Android. You can also enjoy the database on the website.

At the end of the list is the app for dogs that are network stars. The widgetBarkCam Will make sounds that will grab the dog’s attention while you are filming him. In this app you can edit the photos and make them even cuter and even share them with the larger community. So if your dog is not yet a celeb, it’s time!

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