Spotify adds a feature to post comments on podcasts

Spotify has launched a podcast comment sharing feature,a new way for users to interact with content creators and vice versa, along with a new mobile app for podcasters to manage their shows and comments.

The streaming content platform already introduced in 2021 a way to interact on podcasts through Q&A sessionsas well as through the possibility of conduct surveys for listeners to share their opinions.

Since implementing these features, the company has stressed that More than 9 million unique Spotify listeners engaged in a question and answer session or in a survey only during this year 2024. In addition, a 80 percent year-on-year growth in the total number of responses and votes from listeners.

In this context, in order to continue fostering a space where podcast creators can build a stronger relationship with their listeners and followers, Spotify has implemented a new tool that will allow followers and podcasters to interact “anytime, anywhere.”

Specifically, it is a New comments section which appears alongside podcast episodes and allows listeners to post text messages with, for example, their opinions on the topics discussed in the episode or related questions. They will also be able to receive responses from content creators directly to those commentssimilar to other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

As pointed out by the Spotify’s vice president of podcast products, Maya Prohovnik, In a statement on the company’s blog, this feature has been a long requested feature both from podcasters and from listeners of the platform.

This is because the comments offer a valuable feedback for the creators, since they can learn the opinions and ideas of the users who listen to them, in addition to building a stronger connection with the listeners.

Listeners, for their part, also find advantages in this feature, as they can now talk to his podcasters “on a whole new level.” Users can now start posting comments and having a two-way conversation with podcast hosts.


In addition to all this, Spotify has indicated that in order for podcast creators to be able to Manage your programs and comments more easilyhave a Spotify’s new mobile app for podcasters.

As detailed by the company, this new application will allow podcasters Manage and update your content from anywhereIt also includes new notifications that will inform creators of relevant issues such as whether appear on a Spotify listand receive new comments from listeners or when they reach a new milestone such as a new number of followers.

Likewise, the technology company has indicated that, through this ‘app’, podcasters will be able to manage the comments on their episodes, so that they can maintain guidelines on what can and cannot appear alongside your content. Thus, the comments will be divided between a published taband another of those that are yet to be reviewed by the creator before being shared generally on the platform.

However, it should be noted that content creators They can also block the comment option in general. or in specific episodes.

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