Steve Jobs’ first Apple computer sold at auction for half a million dollars

Apple’s first personal computer, known as the Apple-1 and which was in the office of Steve Jobs, the visionary founder of the company with the bitten apple, goes on sale on July 19 at an auction by the New York auction house Christie’s.

The organisers hope to sell this cult object – a cubic screen resembling a television with a keyboard embedded in a box – for between $500,000 and $800,000.

It is presented as “the first computer that was sold to the public with its motherboard perfectly assembled.”

The Apple-1, which first went on sale in 1976, is part of the collection of Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who amassed a series of objects – from computing to space exploration – that Christie’s defines as “artefacts that defined an era and pushed the limits of human ingenuity.”

It also includes the first computer that Allen and Bill Gates used together, known as the PDP-10, which consisted of a black cabinet the size of two adults that leaned against a wall but already allowed interactive and real-time computing.

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