Samsung announces the launch of its first smart ring, Samsung Galaxy Ring, which has not yet arrived in Spain

Samsung Samsung has announced that its first smart ring, the Samsung Galaxy Ring, will be available for pre-order in certain markets starting July 10, although Spain is not one of them. It is not the first time that the Korean company has shown this device in public, but its imminent release has finally been confirmed and it has been one of the most anticipated products has created among those who have travelled to Paris to learn about the company’s latest developments first-hand.

At an event where the stars are the new foldable phones, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, a surprise guest has made an appearance: Samsung Galaxy Ring. France, Germany and the United Kingdom will be the first countries to market it within Europe and its official retail price will be 449 euros, although each country may apply different launch offers that have not yet been specified.

Weighing between 2.3 grams and 3 grams Depending on the size of the ring, this device offers a simple approach to monitoring the user’s health 24 hours a day using Samsung’s sensor technology, in a small, comfortable and discreet way. The device is still somewhat larger than a conventional ring, but the Korean brand has managed to give it a design plus that makes it fit more easily with the aesthetics of many consumers.

With a water resistance of 10 ATM and a grade 5 titanium finish can be worn anywhere without worry and thanks to its battery you can enjoy constant use for up to seven days, according to data provided by the company itself. In addition, the ring has a charging case that incorporates LED lighting to indicate the battery level.

All data and analysis are integrated into Samsung Health for easy access within a subscription-free platform. Among the metrics it collects are sleep quality, heart rate, respiratory rate, and better menstrual cycle tracking through nightly skin temperature monitoring. It also has powerful AI algorithms to help users easily understand issues such as sleep patterns and create better habits.

Galaxy Ring also supports broader daily wellness monitoring, allowing you to stay informed about your heart health with the ‘Heart Rate Alert’. This feature provides instant notifications about unusually high or low heart rates in real time through the Samsung Health app. This ring also helps you maintain an active lifestyle and stay motivated with automatic tracking of walks and runs through ‘Automatic Workout Detection’, as well as offering daily fitness reminders with the ‘‘Inactivity Alert’.

Finally, Samsung Ring allows users to control certain aspects of their smartphone with just a flick of their fingers. Specifically, they can take photos or deactivate the alarm on Galaxy phones with a double pinch using ‘Gestures’.

To make this device adaptable to every type of person, Samsung will send a sizing kit to those who purchase this ring, so they can find the right size among nine size options. Additionally, to be able to create their own style, users will choose from three colors: black titanium, grey titanium and gold titanium.

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