The strongest animal in the world

In terms of weight it can lift, the African bush elephant is considered the strongest species in the world, capable of carrying 9,000 kg with its trunk.

The strongest of all animals is the African bush elephant, which can carry up to 9,000 kg. Using just its trunk, it can lift cars and knock down trees, using more than 40,000 muscles and ligaments inside that appendage, according to IFL Science.

In fact, the African elephant is stronger than the blue whale, the largest animal on Earth. By analyzing the mass and muscle size of 22 different whale species, researchers calculated that the blue whale can generate a force of 6,300 kg, second only to the African elephant. Although African elephants can lift heavier objects than any other animal, they can only move 1.5 times their body weight. It is estimated that if they were as large as humans, the taurus scarab could lift six double-decker buses, making it very difficult to control.

There are other animals in the animal kingdom that are known for their strength, from lions to polar bears, although it is difficult to measure exactly how strong an individual is. Grizzly bears, for example, may be stronger than their Arctic cousins, but no one knows for sure how much weight either species can push. In a series of experiments for a National Geographic documentary, researchers found that grizzly bears could throw a 700-pound trash can as easily as a ball. They estimate that the average adult bear is 2.5 to 5 times stronger than a human. However, scientists have never seen grizzly bears act out of anger. They suspect that when agitated, they can exert significantly more force.

Meanwhile, the silverback gorilla is said to be stronger than any bear on Earth. Thanks to its extremely strong arms, which can be used for walking, climbing and swinging, this large primate can lift 800 kg.

In terms of carrying capacity relative to weight, a species of dung beetle called taurus scarab can pull 1,141 times its own weight, making it the strongest animal on the planet. Other insects with exceptional strength relative to their body weight include leafcutter ants and king ants, both of which are supported by exoskeletons.

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