Acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk: Will Trump Return to the Social Network?

Former United States President Donald Trump Referred tonight (Monday) in an interview with the Fox News network to the acquisition of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk, and stated that he will not return to Twitter if his account is now restored. “I hope he buys Twitter because he will make improvements to it and he is a good man,” he said in an interview, “but I plan to stay at Truth Social (the social network he launched).”

Asked if Detrum would be allowed to return to Twitter, the CEO of Twitter said the company would discuss this with Musk.

As you may recall, Trump’s personal account was removed from the social network in January last year, following the riots on Capitol Hill. He was permanently suspended from Twitter, due to a “risk of incitement to violence.” The company said in a statement that “after a careful review of recent tweets from Trump’s account and the context surrounding them, specifically how they are received and interpreted on and off Twitter, we have suspended the account permanently due to the risk of further incitement leading to violence.”

Later, his Facebook and Instagram accounts will also be blocked – for the same reason. “Events over the past day have shown that President Trump intends to use the time he has left in office to undermine the change of government to President-elect Biden,” Zuckerberg wrote on his official social media page. He said Trump’s decision to use the platform he was given to forgive the masses instead of condemning them for their actions, had rightly caused many in the United States to feel uncomfortable.

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