Starlink secures first Wi – Fi deal for major airlines

Hawaiian Airlines said it plans to offer free Starlink services on trans-Pacific flights to and from Hawaii next year, becoming the first major airline to announce a deal with SpaceX’s high-speed broadband network.

“When we launch with Starlink, we will have the best connectivity experience available in the air,” Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram said in a statement.

The companies did not disclose the proposed service’s broadband speeds, though SpaceX said its rapidly expanding LEO network could provide onboard Wi-Fi indistinguishable from traditional internet access.

Several major airlines already offer in-flight Wi-Fi services, and connect to geostationary orbit satellites when flying over oceans.

The companies plan to begin installing Starlink equipment next year on the Airbus A330 and A321neo, and Hawaii’s upcoming fleet of Boeing 787-9s, as SpaceX works to certify the flight terminal it has developed.

Hawaiian Airlines said Starlink will be offered on flights between the Hawaiian Islands, the United States and Oceania.

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