PS Now and PS Plus users will upgrade to the Premium service with their longest active subscription

Sony has clarified that those users who are subscribed to both PlayStation Plus like PlayStation Now when the renewed subscription service launches, they will be able to access PS Plus Premium, the highest level, based on the longest duration of the two active subscriptions.

Sony’s revamped subscription service, which will keep the PlayStation Plus name but will be split into three tiers, will arrive in Spain on June 22. Before that date, the Japanese company has clarified some doubts within the frequently asked questions section of the service that is included on the PlayStation website.

One of them has been what will happen to users who are subscribed to PS Plus and PS Now. In that case, Sony clarifies that they will enjoy PS Plus Premium, the highest level of the three with a monthly price of 16.99 euros, quarterly at €49.99 and annually at €119.99, based on the longer duration of either of your two active subscriptions.

The Japanese points out that the user will be “migration” to the new PlayStation Plus Premium membership, having a new and unique payment date, when the new service is launched. In any case, this information will be sent via email to users.

This clarification from Sony comes after announcing that any user subscribed to PS Now will be automatically upgraded to PS Plus Premium. without any cost.

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