Digital Croatia project: Increase card acceptance

On Thursday, the Visa card company presented the “Digital Croatia” project – an initiative to support the business of small and medium-sized enterprises and craftsmen, which aims to increase card payments among small and medium-sized enterprises and craftsmen.

The director of Visa in Croatia, Renata Vujasinović, said that the implementation of the project aims to help Croatian small businesses in the recovery process. The Digital Croatia initiative, she revealed, is part of a broader Visa effort at European level for more than eight million small and medium-sized enterprises.

“In the context of Digital Croatia, Visa’s goal in Croatia is to increase card acceptance by 25 percent,” Vujasinovic said.

“The main goal of the Digital Croatia initiative is to accelerate the development of a network for accepting digital payments in Croatia. That is why Visa, in cooperation with partners, will offer POS terminals for free for six months to Croatian small and medium enterprises and craftsmen who have not accepted cards as a means of payment.” is.

Companies from the small and medium enterprise sector that want to participate in the project should contact their bank, ie the card acceptor of their choice. The list of banks and financial institutions will be available from 2 May on the “Digital Croatia” website, and information on the project and initiative will be available on the websites of the participating banks.

Vujasinović pointed out that research shows that every second consumer buys more online than before, and that within the mentioned initiative Visa also cooperates with partners to enable the acceptance of card payments to entrepreneurs in the e-commerce segment. She also said that there is a noticeable trend of consumers who pay more with cards and not with cash.

The initiative will be implemented for the next three years, she concluded.

Head of the Industrial Policy Sector in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development Robert Blažinović believes that the covid crisis has only accelerated certain processes, and that domestic companies in this period have embraced new digital technologies and new business models.

He believes that the Visa initiative with the Digital Croatia project will help them in this transformation towards more modern business.

He announced that at the end of June, the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development will announce a tender for 206 non-refundable million kunas intended for the digitalization of Croatian companies.

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