POCO F4 GT, the best of the ‘gaming’ series, with finishes worthy of high.end

Only a few days ago, we got our hands on the new POCO F4 GT, a ‘gaming’ smartphone with a unique design based on magnetic tabs or ‘triggers’ that can be customized.

This was one of the most striking features of the product’s virtual presentation, which, in addition to being suggested for video game players, is also recommended for the broader public because it has advanced technical characteristics for a mid-range phone.

We had the opportunity to test it at Portaltic, and one of the features that piqued our curiosity was the lightness with which its screen operates, resulting in somewhat broader bezels than expected.

The user can feel the speed from the moment the panel is turned on, because the on/off button, which also serves as a fingerprint recognition sensor, is precise and quick. The device will start working as soon as it comes close to the fingertip.

We can access a text document and assess its agility once we’ve tested your 6.7-inch AMOLED DotDisplay’s refresh rate, which reaches 120 Hz. However, it is during the game that the device’s benefits are most noticeable.

To test it, we downloaded Lara Croft: Relic Run, an action game in which the main character must navigate through many scenes filled with hazards.

The device can recognize every movement without pressing too hard on the screen or sliding your finger too hard because it has a touch sampling rate of 480 Hz.

These triggers can also be adjusted so that Lara Coroft can battle enemy animals during different levels, transforming the phone into a user-friendly and personalized portable console.

Furthermore, the smartphone offers multiple vibration ranges based on the intensity of the game, owing to the CyberEngine linear motor, but this is more prevalent in other titles like as League Of Legends (LOL) and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).


POCO emphasized on multiple occasions that gamers could play for hours on end because to its built-in LiquidCool 3.0 cooling technology. without being aware of overheating However, after a while, you may sense some heat, which is in direct opposition to it.

Despite this, there are two aspects that may persuade people who want the gadget to have a more “gaming” feel to it. On the one hand, there’s the USB-C charging cable, which is L-shaped and allows you to use your phone in landscape mode while it charges.

In this way, it’s evident that the Asian brand considered gamers’ real-world experiences when designing this charger, however it’s worth noting that the battery, which is double-cell and 4,700 mAh, lasts a long time.

If we reach low percentages of charge, you can either fully charge it in a few minutes (it goes from zero to 100 percent in just 17 minutes) or keep playing while the USB-C connection is connected to a power source.

The configuration of the speakers, created by JBL and certified Dolby Atmos, on the other hand, may be the deciding factor for these ‘gamers’ to choose the POCO F4 GT.

These are put on both sides, in the upper and lower right, so that you don’t miss that immersive experience during the game. Because the upper speaker is totally clear, it is impossible to cover them during a game or while using the phone with one hand when the phone is placed horizontally.

When we look at the back of the phone, we see an unusual minimalist design that makes it extremely distinctive and provides the level of differentiation that many people seek when purchasing a phone.


The previous ‘game’ focused model, the POCO F3 GT, had rounder and less defined lines (both on the cover and on the camera frame), whereas the new POCO F4 GT has a lot of straight lines.

These, which are more exquisite, are strewn throughout the device, with a primary thick line dividing it into two equal halves. Other drawings that stand out to the touch and give it additional uniformity are spread on both sides.

The back features a glass finish and metal bezels, giving it a more premium appearance but also making it heavier. It has a strong grip thanks to its straight and slightly rounded corners.

These lines are also present in the camera’s frame, which is extended and has three lenses aligned in a straight line. Its main lens has a resolution of 64 megapixels (MP) and is equipped with an IMX 686 sensor, giving the brand a quality boost over the previous generation.

An 8MP wide angle camera and a 2MP macro camera round out the package. In contrast, the selfie camera, with a resolution of 20 MP, is higher than that of competing mid-range smartphones. As a result, the photographs are crisper and more detail is captured.

However, portrait mode lacks HDR, both manual and automatic, resulting in’selfies’ that are not well defined and prone to overexposure.

In any event, it is not a phone designed specifically for photographers, as it delivers a level of performance that is too normal for its price, 699 euros in its most sophisticated configuration (12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage) and 599,99 euros in its base configuration (8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory).

The slow motion option, dual video, long exposure and film effects, as well as a clone button, stand out among the camera’s photographic modes.

In terms of video, the phone supports 720p at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, 4K at 30 frames per second, and 4K at 60 frames per second. It also includes a macro lens shortcut and the ability to set the film frame.

The phone also includes an alarm system that notifies the user whether the camera, microphone, or both are being used simultaneously, as a green point illuminates in the upper left corner every time it is opened. notifies.

Overall, the POCO F4 GT is a really intriguing phone, attractive, with high-end finishes, and quite utilitarian, as those who are less interested in its ‘gaming’ approach may take advantage of other of its remarkable features.

That is, just as magnetic tabs may be used to play games, they can also be used to access other phone functions like the flashlight, camera, record video, and quiet mode.

Furthermore, if you wish to watch a video on your phone in horizontal mode, the location of the speakers is ideal for hearing clearly what is being seen.

Those searching for utility and a reasonable price, on the other hand, will not find the POCO F4 GT to be the ideal option, as those looking for a decent photograph and a long battery life can find other devices that are more focused on these qualities than the POCO F4 GT.

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