Through artificial intelligence: the Israeli development that will improve the sales system

Engineers at Microsoft Israel Research and Development have developed a tool that will improve sales by automatically analyzing calls using artificial intelligence. The new tool can be implemented on the teams platform and one of its developers is Dr. Abed Assi, lead researcher in the Dynamics group at Microsoft Israel Research and Development. “In my work, I am involved in the implementation of advanced artificial intelligence technologies in the company’s products, and over the years, I have contributed to a number of products developed at the development center in the country in the various divisions of the company,” he said in a special interview.

“Our development is created for salespeople, and allows them to summarize the sales call automatically, using artificial intelligence technology. The system records the call, with the customer’s approval of course, and analyzes what is said in it – in fact, a short and concise summary of the call is created, with details Of follow-up tasks and customer requests, “he explained.

“This is how we help them increase their productivity, and focus on their main tasks. The development is also relevant for team managers – who can read concise call summaries, provide constructive audit and streamline processes conveniently,” he added. “Sales in any large company. The system is able, among other things, to analyze the level of positivity that the customer shows, according to the pace of speech and its intensity.”

Dr. Abed Assi (Photo: Sivan Farage)

What is the background to the development?
“Sales people started moving from home during the Corona, and we wanted to find a way to help different organizations and companies maintain and facilitate employee productivity. The solution we developed allows employees to pay more attention to the customer, instead of focusing on the call summary process. Are important to the business, and help customers. ”

Assi explained how the system works: “The solution we developed relies on artificial intelligence technology in the field of natural language analysis. In fact, we developed a language model that has the ability to ‘read’ a long dialogue between two people, and summarize it into a collection of sentences emphasizing the main issues, requests The customer and the commitments given to him. ” He stressed that “our language model has the ability to produce summaries so eloquent that it is impossible to tell whether they were written by a machine or a human. In addition, it has the ability to mark in the original text the parts it relied on for the final summary.”

Example of a conversation summary (Photo: Screenshot)

“Salespeople remain part of the summary process, with the tool allowing them to change the automatic text, written in dots, add topics and delete others. This creates a personal summary without mistakes – and with much less effort,” he said.

“The system developed in Israel has already been implemented by a number of customers in Israel and abroad, in areas such as financial services, entertainment and leisure.” All in all, it takes a lot of courage to turn an innovative idea into a reality, and good people around you. It takes a lot of courage and good people around you to turn an innovative idea into reality. To my delight, my team and management are always open to hearing new ideas, and new ways to use the shared technological knowledge. ”

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