The workers’ committee of Pelephone and Bezeq International has declared a general strike

The workers’ committee of Pelephone and Bezeq International announced tonight (Sunday) a general strike in light of the collapse of negotiations with management. As a result, the service centers, call centers and logistics center will be closed and no activity will take place in the company’s buildings in Petah Tikva.

A statement issued by the Alpha Employees’ Committee states that “In light of the company’s management’s attempt to harm employees who are taking sanctions and to continue the separation and governance campaign, we announce a general and comprehensive strike at Pelephone and Bezeq International starting this hour and tomorrow.” act”. It was also reported that more instructions will be issued tomorrow.

Pelephone and Bezeq International stated that “due to the announcement of employee sanctions, there may be disruptions in the company’s customer service. It is important to note that the services provided by the company, including the cellular network and surfing services, are working properly. And we call on employees to be accountable to customers. ”

In addition, the committee wrote that “this is everyone’s struggle and we ask everyone to show solidarity for the success of the struggle. Tomorrow at 12:00 all employees are invited to a demonstration outside the offices of Bezeq’s controlling shareholders – David Forer, at 6 Shiloah Street in Petah Tikva. The protest of the bridges all over the country. ”

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