New: Graves app – a social network for the fallen and their families

The Graves app is updating its services for the upcoming Memorial Day, and is opening a social network for the deceased for the first time. In the network that is being launched these days, families will be able to upload stories, photos, videos and anything they want to share in memory of their loved ones throughout the year.

In addition, the app offers innovative services for the care and maintenance of graves remotely – lighting a virtual memorial candle, or lighting a soul candle and laying wreaths on the grave via a courier, at a schedule determined by the family.

This year, the app also launches a mapping of all the military cemeteries, the first project of its kind that has not yet been done. All of the excellent services are also provided to bereaved families throughout the year.

The Graves app, also known as the “Wise of the Cemeteries”, was first launched about two years ago as the first navigation system in the world to monitor all cemeteries in the country and knows how to direct users to reach the grave of their loved ones without “gossip”. In light of the success and demand, this year the services of the app were updated, all the military cemeteries were mapped, and it offers more navigation soup.

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