Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate our smart devices and steal the great treasure of data we keep. With so many of us now becoming more and more dependent on our smartphone, it’s no wonder that we are such a big target for these hackers.

We are aware of WhatsApp vulnerabilities and deceptive apps, but many of us ignore the fact that a hack is happening in the background. Fortunately, there are telltale signs.

Although it’s not always specific, if you feel something is wrong with your phone, these may be the clues to look for, as reported by The Sun:

1 – Slow smartphone performance: If apps are taking longer than expected to load, it may mean that you have been hacked. The same goes for the app crashing randomly.

2 – Battery drains quickly: Smartphone batteries drain faster over time.

But if it happens suddenly, it may indicate the presence of malware, because it secretly hides in the background, absorbing more power to achieve its malicious goal.

3- Data in use: If you notice that your internet data is being consumed very quickly, this could also be a sign of a hack. Similar to battery drain, malware can send things in the background.

4 – Increase the bill: If you find an unjustified change in the bill, this is a warning sign. It may mean that malware is consuming more data on your account.

5 – Pop-ups: Pop-ups are fairly common in web browsers, but when they start popping up very frequently at various points, it could mean that your device is infected with some kind of adware.

6 – Overheating: A smartphone that heats up excessively, may mean that it is old or exposed to the sun.

But it could also be an indication that some malware is starting to work.

What to do if you suspect that your phone has been hacked?

If you think that your smartphone might be infected with a virus, malware, or something else that isn’t clear, the first thing you need to do is download a trusted antivirus app and run a scan.

If the problem persists, your last resort might be to reset your phone, but back up important files like photos that you know are safe first.

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