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A few days after announcing his first big loss of users in the past ten years, Netflix recently introduced price changes of subscriptions to its streaming movie and series service for users in Argentina.

“We are updating the prices offering different options so that members can choose a plan that fits their budget. At Netflix we want you to always have something new to watch, such as the series and movies that arrive in the coming weeks,” they assured from the streaming platform.

In this way, the Basic Plan of a screen went from $376 to $429 pesos (increased 50 pesos). Meanwhile, the plans Standard (2 screens and HD) Premium (4 screens and UHD) remain at $799 and $1,199, respectively.

With all these plans, the possibility of watching unlimited series and movies is also maintained, as well as playing games on mobile devices.

The company reported that changes in prices will apply to all existing members in the coming weeks, including the new ones who join from now on. “Current members will receive an email notification 30 days before their plan price changes, unless they change plans,” they said.

The Marginal 5 is available from May 4 on Netflix.

Regarding the content, in the next few days they promise to launch the last season of El marginal (available from May 4), the documentary The photographer and the postman: The crime of Cabezas, The wrath of God, based on the book by Guillermo Martínez, with Juan Minujín and Diego Peretti, the relaunch of Tiempo de Valientes.

Netflix changes due to the loss of users

After confirming the loss of 200,000 subscribers in the quarter, while analysts predicted an average of 2.5 million net subscriptions, the big “N” platform announced a series of measures to boost its business.

The drop in Netflix subscribers has prompted the platform to consider changes it has resisted for years: minimizing users sharing their passwords and creating an affordable ad-supported service.

The announced changes are intended to help Netflix regain lost momentum over the past year. The quarantines associated with the pandemic that triggered audiovisual consumption were lifted, and rivals with big budgets such as Apple and Disney began to take away part of its large audience with their own streaming services.

Reed Hastings' company promotes various measures to recompose the loss of users. Photo: REUTERS. Reed Hastings’ company promotes various measures to recompose the loss of users. Photo: REUTERS.

On the other hand, Netflix is ​​evaluating the possibility of offering a subscription model with ads in exchange for a lower price, an option that would be available “over the next year or two,” according to its co-founder, Reed Hastings.

“Our revenue growth has slowed considerably as our results and the forecast for things to come show,” Netflix executives said in a letter to shareholders announcing the results.

Inflation, political instability due to the war in Ukraine and the stoppage of filming due to the impact of the coronavirus are other reasons with which Netflix justified its results.

Likewise, Netflix admitted that the possibility it offers its users to share an account between several households is significantly reducing its growth, which is why they are analyzing taking measures to reverse this situation.

According to its internal data, in addition to the almost 222 million active payment accounts on Netflix, another 100 million households access with the credentials of another user.

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