Keys to have a better experience in your use of the web

Internet has become a resource of first necessity in the 21st century and there is practically no day-to-day activity that does not have a digital mediation through a screen.

The world is in a time of constant change. In addition to the war between Russia and Ukraine, globalization modifies the geopolitical scenario, and the post-pandemic sets a pace of recovery and acceleration of measures that generate that one must be updated continuously.

All these factors have one element in common: Internet speed as a mediator. That is why in the following article we will focus on some tips that can improve the safe use of this valuable tool.

When thinking about our use of the web, we will find that one of the biggest challenges today is online security. From different public and private sectors It seeks to generate greater awareness of this factor.

After all, the truth is that some events such as the popularization of teleworking or the emergence of financial digital media such as cryptocurrencies or digital wallets have left millions of users much more exposed to cyber attackers than before.


When thinking about our privacy and security, personal passwords are essential to save headaches. Some studies show that many of the malicious activities that occur are primarily consequence of human errors that could have been avoided.

One of the most common is the use of passwords that do not meet the minimum security levels. In fact, today the most common passwords are still the simplest, like 123456 or “password”, which ends up generating an extreme level of vulnerability. A hacker can bypass that level of security in mere seconds.

To avoid this situation, password managers can be used that not only help store and memorize our passwords, but also allow us to create them with a much higher security level.


The use of virtual private networks, better known by its acronym in English, which is VPN, has been increasing in recent years, especially due to the need to access content or blocked or censored information in other countries. After all, it should be noted that the Internet is no longer synonymous with freedom.

Now, many users use a VPN to improve their security standards, since all the information and generated web traffic it is encrypted from the get-go, allowing the unique IP address that each one has when entering the Internet to remain hidden from any hacker.

In this sense, with encryption measures, the information travels safely from one end to the other. without being exposed by crawlers, which also translates into a better web experience in terms of invasive advertising.


An important piece of advice is to avoid filling out forms that are not too important, since that is where our data is often at the mercy of attackers. We must also avoid downloading suspicious files or opening links that do not give us confidence, even Even if they come from trusted people.

The same can be thought at the time of the ‘offline’ world: when you throw away paper formsinvoices or personal documents, we must make sure to break them in a way that our data is not exposed.

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