Amazon Kindles will have support for files in ePub format

Amazon has announced that from the end of 2022 it will add support for the EPUB format in the company’s electronic books, Kindle, which until now it could only be read after converting the document.

The ePub file format is compatible with different ‘eReader’ readers, since it is based on XML language, with which different supports work, with the exception, so far, of Kindle.

The electronic book manufactured by Amazon, on the other hand, is capable of opening books and text documents as long as these files are formatted MOBI (ahora AZW3), TXT o PDF, among others.

In this way, those users who wish to read documents with different formats on these devices must convert them using a ‘software’ specialized as Calibre, available for Windows, macOS and Linux for free.

This is how Kindle will continue to work until the end of 2022, since Amazon has announced that before the end of this year, is going to implement a ‘software’ update which will include support for ePub.

“As of the end of 2022, the Kindle Personal Document Service applications will be compatible with the ePub (.EPUB) format,” the company specifies on its support page.

With this update, Kindle will also lose the ability to support the MOBI file format, now known as AZW, an older format that will no longer be compatible with the most up-to-date features of Amazon’s ‘eReader’.

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