Google Travel identifies offers on undated flights, up to six months in advance

Google has improved its travel service with a flight comparator that tells you of the best discounts several months in advance, as well as map hints for excursions to nearby destinations.

One of the features of the Travel service is Flights, which allows customers to compare travel prices between two cities for certain dates. Its capabilities have now been increased to include surveillance “at any time.”

According to the company’s blog, this innovation means that the service will tell the user if it finds a lower-rate offer in the following three to six months.

The Explore section, which presents filters to narrow searches based on criteria like budget or distance, now has a’search nearby’ indicator on the map, which is accompanied by a pink dot.

‘Search nearby’ gathers a list of places that are close to the user’s destination and can be visited as a day trip. When you select one of these options, the distance in kilometers and the expected time of arrival by automobile are displayed.

Another component that has been updated is Hotels, which now has new layers of interest that are presented on the map, including dining and shopping alternatives as well as the major tourist attractions.

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