Facebook will end its podcast platform a year after its launch

Meta will stop offering its podcast service on Facebook in the coming weeks, just a year after launching it, in order to focus on more “meaningful” experiences.

In April 2021, the business revealed the new podcast function, along with live audio rooms as an alternative to the Clubhouse voice social network, which will begin to be tested in Groups through Facebook and Messenger in June, initially in the United States, and then in Spain in October.

According to Bloomberg, the platform will stop enabling users to upload podcasts to its service as of this week, after confirming the goal with its partners.

The technology company will no longer give your Soundbites content forms, which are brief creative audio clips created to express short words, jokes, anecdotes, or poems, due to the termination of this service.

Meta said in a statement that he’s “constantly assessing functionality” and that he wants to focus on “more meaningful experiences,” but he didn’t say what he’s working on right now.

It also hasn’t said when these services, both podcasts and Soundbites, will be discontinued because it has merely stated that it will. “Within the next few weeks,” according to Bloomberg, with June 3 as the target date.

To carry out this shutdown, Facebook will not notify users that the service will be discontinued; instead, it will wait for the editors to decide how they wish to communicate this information to other users.

The live audio rooms, on the other hand, will be linked into Facebook Live, allowing users of the social media platform to select whether to hold videoconferences exclusively with audio or with video as well.

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