Instagram will require the date of birth of all users in order to continue using the app

The social network Instagram will ask all its users to provide their date of birth in the coming weeks to be able to offer its latest safety features for minors, something that it will be necessary to continue using the service.

The platform began asking its users for the date of birth years ago and most have already facilitated it, but will now introduce two changes targeted for those who have not yet provided this information.

First, it will start with ask the date of birth when users open Instagram, showing a notification a few times. It will be necessary to share this information to continue using the platform.

Second, if the user sees warning screens located on the posts with sensitive or explicit content, the social red will ask for your date of birth before you can view the content. Instagram already shows these screens but until now it did not ask for the age on them.

This novelty seeks to know the age of all Instagram users to “create safer and more private experiences for young people” through youth protection functions recently introduced, such as the one prevents adults from sending messages to minors who do not follow them, or private accounts by default for minors under 16.

This information also allows you to personalize the experience and apply to more people the recent changes that Instagram has made to restrict advertisers’ targeting options to those under the age of 18.

Likewise, to detect cases in which users provide the wrong date of birth, Instagram is developing Artificial Intelligence systems to detect posts with congratulations as ‘happy birthday’, in order to find out her real age.

In the future, if someone says they are over a certain age, and the technology says otherwise, Instagram will show them a menu of options to verify their age. This work is still in its early stages.

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