Stone Age children play in the footsteps of a giant sloth

A rare encounter was recorded in the rock.

In the world in ancient times scattered many kinds of bullshit.

The giant sloth, for example, was quite a revelation. The largest sloths could grow to the size of an elephant. They did not lurk in the trees like their current cousins ​​but crammed the tanners in search of vegetarian food.

Stateside Rare evidence of a encounter between our ancestors and giant sloths has been found in White Sands National Park.

Today the area is desert, but 11,000 years ago there was a lush plateau and a large lake.

A sloth with its petrified footprints flooded its shoreline. But other traces were found in the traces as well: the footprints of a small man, several more.

People probably hunted these giants, but no concrete evidence of the encounters has been found.



The traces tell of a giant lazy man and a man stepping down in ancient times.

This sloth was a big robe. Its footprint was as high as 40 centimeters, so the creature must have been three meters tall.

Maybe people will sneak up after it. From one imprint it can be concluded that the lazy disgusted his followers. It might have turned around to swing intruders with its sharp claws.

Scholars are also proposing a more peaceful interpretation.

The footprints of children also stand out from the country, and based on the way in which the depressions occur, the path trodden by the lazy has been filled with water. Perhaps the children gathered to play in the puddles trampled by the giant, after the creature had already spent its time.

The study tells New Scientist -magazine.

In the current the world is reminiscent of the ancient giants. Avocado stone.

After all, plants grow fruit with the idea that some creature will peel them and then spread the seeds into the environment as the end product of digestion.

But what animal would be big enough to eat an entire avocado with its stones? Right, a giant sloth.

In Central America, avocados specialized in the feeding of giant slugs and other large herbivores.

Originally, avocado stone was larger and had less flesh. When the giants became extinct, man cultivated avocados of the present.

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