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The music streaming platform Spotify has officially launched its Fusion feature, which allows you to create new shared playlists that merge the musical tastes of two friends and measure their degree of coincidence.

Fusion of Spotify is a function with which the service intends for its users to discover their musical compatibility with their friends through the elaboration of a joint playlist with themes suggested by the tastes of each one from them.

Spotify had already announced Fusion (known as Blend in English) in the month of June, and since then I was testing the new feature in beta, but it is now officially available.

Fusion introduces a new cover design, taste matches and unique interchangeable data for each pair of friends, as the platform announced in a statement.

Among the main features and novelties of this new functionality is the coincidence of tastes, since users who create a Fusion list will now get a liking match score when listening to music and content.

Users will also be able to know what is the specific song that unites them the most, with ‘stories’ that can be shared on social networks, as well as a new cover of Fusion that will allow users to easily identify each of their ‘playlists’.

In addition, Premium users of the platform will be able to see what user listening preferences have contributed to the choice of each of the songs from the playlist.

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