How to detect if the screen of a cell phone is original or imitation

Replacing broken original screens with fake ones is very common in the repair industry. To avoid falling into deception, such as realizing if the technical service put a glass of poor quality.

It is increasingly common that there is insurance that covers the costs of glass breakage or loss. That’s why when the screen is chipped and replaced with a lower quality one, it’s inevitable to realize that something is wrong.

If the screen is still responsive and perhaps also the touch controls, one often wonders how to proceed: if opt for a replacement or continue to use until disassembled.

Any user knows their mobile phone (and the performance it can offer), so some changes resulting from the installation of a lower quality screen do not usually go unnoticed.

Mobile screens, the most fragile piece of hardware. AP Photo

However, for the least showers In the matter, here are some keys to take into account to start suspecting that they have installed a false display after repairing the terminal.

How to find out if a cell phone screen is fake

The panels with OLED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED technology used by manufacturers for their mobiles always offer sharp, bright and vivid colors. Conversely, fake screens return duller and darker colors.

You can do the test by playing some video at the maximum brightness level and compare the results with what your phone offered before the repair or (the ideal test) with another identical phone of a friend or family member.

Good screens do not limit their benefits to the correct dissemination of content, they are also designed to consume the resources of your phone more efficiently than imitations.

On good screens, each pixel works independently. reducing consumption when in the picture black colors predominate.

Check the edges of the screen well to check that it fits like a glove with the rest of the terminal. Any imperfection or roughness should make you suspicious about the possibility of an impersonation of the original.

Miracles do not exist in the market. Be wary of bargains. If the price difference between installing an official screen or any other is disproportionate, it is most likely not original.

It is also common that, if the screen is covered by insurance and the one included in the policy is the cheapest. It is better to pay the difference to reach the original.

Screens that never break?

The scientific community, for some time, began to carry out tests with the self-healing materials. One of the great challenges is getting the mobile screen to rebuild itself after a break.

A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have synthesized an organic crystalline material with a unique internal molecular structure that spontaneously repairs when damaged.

The organic material these researchers have synthesized belongs to a class of substances called piezoelectric crystals that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa.

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