Block Down is coming to Croatia, the first conference in Europe where NFTs will interact

Block Down Croatia 2022 is the first technology conference in Europe to use irreplaceable tokens (NFT) to create a special interactive experience, and will be held from 11 to 13 May in Šibenik. It is a unique opportunity for the domestic audience, and especially the business community, to get acquainted with the latest trends in the development of business models and opportunities brought by Web3 technology.

It will attract over 1000 participants from all over the world, combining the most interesting global speakers from the Web3 and blockchain community with attractive VIP entertainment programs. The conference will be held at five different locations in Šibenik, and the special feature is that visitors will be able to collect NFT tokens with which they will be able to unlock special interactive content at specific locations.

‘Croatia is perfect for bringing together the Web3 community’

Creative technologists will speak at Block Down Croatia 2022, among others Yahooa Kadine James Global Market Director Ripplea Aditya Turakhia chief strategist of Theta Labs Wes Levitt founder of RMRK Bruno Škvorc and Neo Global Development Europe’s Director of Ecosystem Development Lili Zhao. The focus is on discussing key technologies of the future and their business potentials.

– Block Down is the perfect mix of creativity, technology and culture, all that should inspire the Web3 world that will define the entire industry in the coming years. Croatia is perfect for bringing together the global Web3 community, given that your culture is amazing, and it is here that the technology sector has achieved incredible success with global recognition in recent years. Web3 and metaverse will change the world as we know it and no one should allow themselves to lag behind in that change. Meet key people from the global blockchain community, inspiring entrepreneurs and investors who can ensure global visibility of projects at Block Down – he said Erhan Korhaliller founder and CEO of Block Down.

Block Down Croatia 2022 is the sixth technology conference organized by Block Down, and so far these events have been organized in Europe and Latin America, but with audiences around the world due to the hybrid way of holding, attracted over 110,000 spectators, over 400 speakers, all on 4 language.

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