Jabra renews its wireless headphones with the new Elite 7 Pro with improved performance for calls

The brand specialized in audio products Jabra has renewed its family of Elite wireless headphones with the announcement of three new models, including the Elite 7 Pro, with MultiSensor Voice technology to improve performance during calls.

The new range of fully wireless Elite headphones enhances the call technology, the in-ear fit and the audio and design experience, and is comprised of the Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3 models, as announced by the company in a statement.

The new Jabra Elite 7 Pro stand out for the use of the MultiSensor Voice function, which combines a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and advanced algorithms to guarantee the best call quality.

A state-of-the-art voice pick-up sensor (VPU) in both earbuds serves as the foundation for MultiSensor Voice technology, with intelligent algorithms that constantly analyze the types of noise picked up by the built-in microphones and, when they detect wind noise, automatically activate the VPU sensor.

Bone conduction technology is used to transmit voice through jaw vibrations, and the smart algorithm uses the best combination of bone conduction sensor and microphones to transmit the best call clarity.

The new Elite 7 Pro are 16 percent smaller than the popular Jabra Elite 75t, Jabra’s most compact yet. Jabra has a database of 62,000 ear scans, which it has used to create an average map of the human ear and redesign the headset.

Its specifications are completed with 9 hours of playback with noise cancellation and up to 35 hours with charging case certified waterproof and dust resistant IP57, connectivity via Bluetooth version 5.2, the possibility of using both headphones independently and connection function multiple (via update) and the integrated Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant assistants (the latter only for Android).


Jabra has also introduced two additional versions of its wireless headphones: Elite 7 Active and Elite 3.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active are designed for people with active lifestyles. Except for Multisensor Voice technology, they present the same high-quality experience as the Elite 7 Pro, with four built-in microphones and two additional ones for customization, plus adjustable active noise cancellation.

In addition, they make use of liquid silicone rubber and a wingless design, giving the device a ShakeGrip coating designed to provide fit regardless of movement when exercising.

For its part, the Jabra Elite 3 model is the entry to the range and has 6mm speakers and allows calls to be offered thanks to four-microphone technology, a class-leading music equalizer, inclusion of Qualcomm aptX HD audio and seven hours of battery life (28 hours with charging case).

The headphones offer noise isolation thanks to the HearThrough function, and come in a Danish design and in a new color range that includes dark gray, navy blue, lilac and light beige.


The Elite 3 will be available from September 1 in Spain, while the Elite 7 Pro and Elite Active will be available from October 1.

The Elite 7 Pro model will be sold at a recommended price of 199.99 euros, while the Elite 7 Active can be obtained for 179.99 euros and the Elite 3 for 79.99 euros.

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