LinkedIn celebrates 10 years in Spain with more than 15 million users in the country

The professional social network LinkedIn has celebrated its first decade in Iberia, where it has more than 15 million members in Spain and three million in Portugal, ensuring that both countries are key to the growth and evolution of the business.

Spain is among the top 15 countries in the world in terms of the number of members registered on the platform, a milestone that LinkedIn employees in the region have celebrated by highlighting the impact of the social network on the lives of Spanish and Portuguese professionals.

“After a decade connecting professionals in Spain and Portugal to help them build and shape their professional careers, we are excited about the impact we are having”, assured the general director of LinkedIn Spain and Portugal, Ángel Sáenz de Cenzano, who has indicated that “both countries are key to growth and evolution of our community and our business.

Specifically, Sáenz de Cenzano has shared that when they arrived at Iberia 10 years ago, the platform had less than 5 million members in Spain and currently has 15 million in the country and three in Portugal, as stated in a statement.

LinkedIn has analyzed the profile of Spanish members on the platform through its Economic Graph tool. As far as Spain is concerned, the latest data reveals the most common roles currently: teachers, business people or lawyers.

On the other hand, booming jobs show that the labor market is heading for jobs in technology, sustainability, science and business development, as a Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Systems Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Cybersecurity Expert or Application Engineer.

And among the sectors that have more Spanish professionals, the report highlights the manufacturing, corporate services, tourism and leisure, education, and software and IT services.

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