Facebook will suspend the ‘Near Friends’ feature on May 31

Meta has started informing Facebook users that at the end of May it will discontinue some of its location-based services, including, Nearby Friends (‘Close friends’).

‘Friends nearby’ is an optional service, launched in 2014, which is used to receive notifications when a user’s contacts are found nearby by keeping track of their location.

As 9toMac has been able to verify, users have begun to receive notifications in the Facebook application for iOS and Android detailing that this functionality It will stop working on May 31.

In turn, Facebook has warned that other experiences such as weather alerts and location history they will also disappear at the end of this month. With this, it has indicated that users can access and download the location history until August 1 of this year in order to save their information. Thereafter, the application will delete this data.

Finally, the company has stressed that it will continue to collect location data from users “for other experiences” and that this tracking can be disabled from the Privacy Settings section of the application.

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