Google implements an option to save the history of Translate results

Google has started to introduce a new functionality for Google Translate that allows users to save translation history, with the aim of promoting continuity between devices and accounts.

It was in February 2020 when the Google translator began to warn some of its users that “soon” it would have an update which would allow them to save their translation history to their Google accounts.

According to Android Police, this saving would only be possible as long as users had logged in to their Google accounts and that the history could be accessed and that function managed from the section ‘My activity’.

The company seems to have implemented this change recently with some modifications, as reported by this same medium based on a series of reports from users who have had access to this functionality, which has been notified by Google through a popup.

It states that users have the ability to back up their Translate search history to their Google account, as well as manage their activity log or continue to use this service, with or without an associated account.

To access this feature, you must click on the Google account profile photo, located in the upper right corner of the browser, where the searches will appear classified according to the day they were made.

Google Translate users who have already received this feature can also sync their search history to the cloud after signing in to their Google account. to make a backup.

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