MADRID, 1 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Google Calendar has introduced the new function Time Insights, with detailed reports that allow the user to know the percentage of daily or weekly time involved in meetings about your total workday.

The new Time Insights reporting feature in Google Calendar aims to provide “a personalized and analytical experience “of how the user spends their time, as Google has informed through a statement.

Time Insights is available only through the web version for computers Calendar, and seeks to give users control over the time they spend in meetings with detailed statistics.

This feature analyzes the total time worked and calculates the average time the user spends each day in virtual meetings, or the weekly total, and divide them according to whether they have been between two people or group video calls. They also analyze which people you hang out with the most.

The new Google Calendar feature has already been rolled out gradually and will be rolled out to all Worskpace app users and business administrators over the next 15 days.

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