Russian companies in trouble – new sanctions cripple access to microchips, own production “unsuitable”

The UK added 63 new players to its list of sanctions against Russia last week. Russia’s most important microchip manufacturers were also among them Baikal Electronics and MCST. As a result of the sanctions, companies will no longer be able to use the arm processor architecture licensed in Cambridge, England. Arm -company.

Intelin and AMD In the absence of CPUs, Baikal and MCST played a key role in meeting Russia’s CPU needs. However, without an arm license, the companies’ supply is not guaranteed. According to Bleeping Computer, Russian companies that tested the companies’ best processors have called the devices unsuitable.

At best, Baikal’s and MCST’s processors will only be able to keep Russia’s current IT systems up and running until better ones are available again.

The processors designed by Baikal and MCST are manufactured abroad, for example in the factories of Samsung and TSMC. Russia’s own production facilities are currently able to manufacture chips using the 90-nanometer technology used by Nvidia in its graphics cards in 2006. The world’s most advanced chip manufacturers already use a much more advanced 2-nanometer production process.

The Russian government has decided to invest 3.19 trillion rubles in chip production, but relief is not promised very quickly. Bleeping Computer estimates that in the best case for Russia, the country could start production with a 28 – nanometer process in 2030.

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