Petrinja: We are the only library housed in as many as 11 containers, but we have more and more members

We have been doing shows for a long time and various workshops for children, but the pandemic and then the earthquake stopped us for a while. The library was destroyed in an earthquake and moved to containers, and now that epidemiological measures have been lifted, we use every moment to socialize with children again and to enjoy doing what we love most, working with children, says Katica Taradajčuk (60). , employee of the first and so far only Croatian container library, the City Library and Reading Room Petrinja.

The libraries in Pula and Požega helped them

In the yard, under the canopy of our temporary library on the Square of Culture they are now performing a puppet show for children “Three bears and a guitar” which they prepared for the first grades of primary school and the older group of children of the Kindergarten “Petrinjčica”. The story is about bears, love, togetherness, harmony, and how we can survive all adversity together if there is love and care for each other, he tells us. The play will be watched by about five hundred students and kindergarteners.

The library is celebrating 180 years of existence these days, but plans for a big celebration were stopped by a devastating earthquake in December 2020. However, cheerful employees tell us, they do not give up, life goes on and there is no surrender. Let us remind you that the building of the Public University of the Croatian Home, which housed the library in the devastating earthquake, was completely destroyed and the library was placed in 11 containers.

Continued for less than 100 days

Couple of days after the earthquake, the director and library staff, equipped with protective helmets, entered the building and rescued books and equipment and placed them in containers. Despite the difficult conditions and problems encountered by librarians, with their efforts and innovative ideas, they have been improving their work day by day in order to make customer service as high quality and diverse as possible. In less than a hundred days, it continued to work, but in completely different conditions, but also with new rules due to the pandemic. Thus, at the time of the epidemic, when it was not allowed to enter the library without certificates, they installed a bell and exchanged books in front of the door.

Pay for the Library Scrapbook

– There are fewer people in the city, but we do not give up and try to work as we used to. Members are coming, we have a children’s playroom ‘Košnica’ in one container, which is held every day, and the librarians of the Children’s Department organize performances for children. We used to go to schools, but now we want the opposite, for schools and kindergartens to come here, to see where our first Croatian container library is and how it works – he says Before Morgan director of the library.

– We were looking forward to a bigger celebration, but the earthquake had its say. In the fall, we plan to publish the Memorial for the 180th anniversary of the library, as we published ten years ago, in which we will look back at the last ten years of work with an emphasis on the most difficult periods of earthquakes and earthquakes. We will publish our bank account on our website, so I ask all good people and donors to donate funds so that we can print it. As for the library itself, after the earthquake it continued to work continuously, only in a reduced volume, a smaller number of square meters, a different space – says director Mrgan. The celebration was a bit more modest, and people who gave them containers were given thanks.

You can follow all the activities of the library on theirs Facebook page.

Unusual reading lessons

– We have continued to work since the first day after the earthquake. Space limited us for a while, but we tried to build this Square of Culture and a canopy so that we can continue to invite children and adults to our events – he said Matija Jurčevića library informatician, who records videos and live reports from various events in the library.

– So far we have done everything from an unusual reading hour to theater performances, various book and picture book presentations, but we are glad that we started live again because working through media and computers is never the same as a close encounter with children and adults. Because even adults, if they can descend to the level of children, are full of joy, full of joy, we don’t think about worries, we all laugh and sing together and move on – says Katica Taradajčuk.

Installed heaters in containers

Between the containers they built a canopy where plays and other events are now performed in fine weather. In cold containers that were difficult to heat in winter, electric foil heaters were installed under the laminate, thus reducing electricity consumption, and allowing children attending their playground “Košnica” to play carefree on the floor of the container.
From the recycled material of the former library, shelves, doors, knauf boards, they arranged and equipped a container, a social room where employees rest, work …

– We try to attract children to the library in various ways through workshops, playrooms and plays. We are here because of them, because if there are no children in our city, there is no help for us. Children are eager to meet, socialize, all this, and their happiness after the show is the greatest reward for us after everything we all went through together – he concludes Ana Bobota employee of the Children’s Department and playroom.

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