The scientist learned good advice from the film – the smaller Scorpio stings worse

The hero of the adventure film Indiana Jones was right.

Iso the cousin may not be as overwhelmingly dangerous as has been thought. Instead, small can be surprisingly punctual.

This spring, this has been observed in war and now also in zoology. Ecologist at the University of Galway, Ireland Kevin Healy remained to consider an argument made in an Indiana Jones film.

“As for the scorpions, the bigger the better,” Indy crochetes to his assistant, who is injected by the Scorpio.

Otherwise that is, larger scorpions would be less toxic.

Healy and colleagues decided to investigate. They collected research data from 36 scorpion species around the world. Information was gathered on scorpion length, weight, scissor size, and other strategic dimensions.

Went it turns out that, as a general rule, the sting of a larger scorpion is not as dangerous to humans as that of smaller ones. The largest species, such as the 20-centimeter emperor scorpion, look wild, but their sting is no worse than a wasp.

The reason is probably that larger scorpions kill their prey with their plush scissors and do not need poison. Correspondingly, a stronger poison has developed for smaller species.

In the world an estimated one million people are injected with a scorpion each year and about 3,000 die.

One-third of deaths are in Mexico. Among other things, living there is very toxic Centruroides noxius. This little Scorpio is only a few inches in size, but its sting can paralyze your breath and stop your heart.

Another dangerously toxic injector is the yellow field scorpion found in the Sahara and the Middle East Leiurus quinquestriatus. Its English name is menacing: deathstalker that is, the deadman. If this creature, which is growing to about six cents, swings to the sting, there is a rush to heal.

The same rule of size and danger generally applies to spiders. There are exceptions, but in general, smaller ones are more toxic. So you can learn the wisdom of life from the movies. A study by Healy and partners was published Toxinsmagazine.

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