“Deliberate and malicious cyber attack”: Has Russia harmed the Internet in Europe?

Britain and the European Union claimed today (Tuesday) that Russia was behind a massive cyber attack that took place at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, against a satellite internet network. The attack has removed thousands of modems from online mode.

A statement from the European Union (EU) said: “This cyber attack has had a significant impact that has led to indiscriminate communications disruptions and disruptions in some public authorities, businesses and users in Ukraine, as well as affecting several EU member states.” British Foreign Secretary Liz TrussSaid the cyber attack was a “deliberate and malicious attack by Russia against Ukraine”.

The digital attack against a network VSAT.O KA-SAT of Viasat It happened at the end of February, just as the Russian Armored Forces had invaded Ukraine and aided the Russian invasion, according to a statement from the European Council.

The British Foreign Office statement said that Russia’s main target in the attack was the Ukrainian army, but it also disrupted Internet users in Central Europe, according to Britain and the European Union. The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center has confirmed this.

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