Uranium exploration will be increased in Finland

In May 1972: Whether uranium mining will ever solve the employment problems of northern or eastern Finland is still a long-term picture, but by no means impossible.

With the advent of commercial reactors sometime in the 1980s, domestic uranium may also become important, says dipl.ins. Martti Mutru from the Ministries of Trade and Industry. – –

Now new methods are used in the search and e.g. In Eastern Uusimaa, it is planned to use flight measurements with the latest and more sensitive equipment on a test basis. – –

Beginning The aim of the summer exploration is to supplement and secure the uranium reserves already known in Finland. Searches were carried out as early as the 1950s, but the “uranium fever” suddenly subsided. – –

The aim is now to find out what can be found with even more sensitive equipment, says Risto Sarikkola, M.Sc., from Outokumpu Oy, where a guide to uranium exploration is currently being prepared.

The aim is to explain to “every man” how to proceed to find that mysteriously “electrifying” element on the skull tab of a native field.

As a problem it is just that the “every man” geiger meter is not yet available.

Both devices manufactured in Finland and imported are purple. A solution should also be found to make cheaper equipment. It’s possible, but stick to the money, says Sarikkola.

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