They discover a vulnerability in WhatsApp that exposed information with its image filter

The messaging app WhatsApp has been affected by a vulnerability in its image filter function, which has already been solved but left the door open for an attacker to access sensitive information stored in the app’s memory

This has been warned by the cybersecurity company Check Point Research, which has discovered the security flaw, named CVE.2020.1910– The company has already informed WhatsApp and it has already fixed the error, as Check Point reported in a statement.

The vulnerability had its origin in the WhatsApp image filter function, a process by which the pixels in the original image are modified to achieve some visual effects, such as blurring or sharpness.

During its research study, Check Point discovered that switching between various filters on elaborate GIF files was effectively causing WhatsApp to crash, and identified one of the blocks as a memory impairment.

So that a cybercriminal could have exploited this flaw, and thereby access sensitive information in the app’s memory, I would have to send an image treated with this type of filters, as explained by the cybersecurity company.

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