Forgetting children in the car: Get to know the advanced system that will help you  all the details

One of the issues that unfortunately makes headlines, especially during the summer, is forgetting children in vehicles – which sometimes also ends in the tragic death of the trapped. Eddie Car Systems has launched Bcare – a system for preventing children from forgetting, which was developed and designed by a team of blue-and-white Israeli engineers.

The Bcare system is designed for any driver who drives children under the age of 4 in a private vehicle, and is designed to help maintain child safety.

The system consists of a pillow placed on the baby seat and a dedicated application that is synchronized with Bluetooth communication, and with the help of voice and visual alerts, which are sent directly to the smartphone, it will inform the driver so that a child is not forgotten at the end of the ride.

“This is the only system with a ‘full inspection’ approval from the Israeli Standards Institute, which includes an EMC inspection, fabric type, radiation, automotive conditions and Israeli climatic conditions. .

It was also reported that the system “has a friendly and intuitive interface for the Israeli user. This is unlike parallel systems on the market, which originally come in foreign languages ​​and were translated into Hebrew only after import.
They also emphasized that the system works with AAA finger batteries, compared to competing systems that work with batteries that cost about 50% of the product value and are not accessible.

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