HGK and Nokia will soon launch the first 5G workshops in Croatia

Leslie Shannon, an expert from the telecommunications giant Nokia, held a lecture for entrepreneurs entitled “Early Signals, Future Scenarios” on Thursday at the HUB385 premises. The lecture, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Nokia, brought together experts from various industries such as the Serengeti, SofaScore, Hrvatski Telekom and EON, representatives of educational institutions such as Algebra and FER, as well as government representatives from line ministries.

Shannon spoke about new network architectures, visual analytics, robot and drone management, AR / VR / XR technologies and the metaverse as the latest buzzword in the field, and touched on the role of the 5G network in today’s world and how to use 5G network capabilities. as key levers for the usability of all that it allows today thanks to the development of the latest technologies.

As Head of Nokia’s Ecosystem and Trends Research Department, she focuses on identifying technological disruptions and opportunities for Nokia and its customers, including the development of 5G technology in robotics, drones, visual analytics and cloud gaming, with an emphasis on augmented and virtual reality.

– Nokia is looking to provide telecommunications support to non-technology companies in the future, through the benefits that future networks will bring. A real 5G revolution is stability in connectivity through a 5G network that is stable and fast enough to be able to support advanced technological procedures at the right time – she said

The cooperation between the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Nokia continues with the first 5G Academy in Croatia

Tajana Kesić Šapić, Head of the Department for Industry of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, announced the 5G Academy that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will soon launch with Nokia, which will include four virtual 5G workshops.

– In order to provide companies with the latest knowledge in this field, we have prepared the first 5G workshops in Croatia with Nokia, which will be held within the 5G Academy. At them, participants will be able to learn more about what makes 5G a unique network in support of the process of digitization of various industries and what are the foundations of the implementation of the transformation it brings us. The workshops are intended for companies from all industries, and their goal is to provide tools for successful digital transformation in their business processes – said Šapić, adding that the first workshop will highlight the key benefits of 5G, as well as differences compared to previous generations of mobile networks, be as early as May 24th.

The lecturers will be Goran Horvatić, Head of Technology Strategy at Nokia and Tonko Obuljen, President of the HAKOM Council, and registration is already possible via the link.

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