WhatsApp announced during the night (Thursday.Friday) a significant news, which will surely please all users who switched between iPhone and Android (or vice versa) and were forced to lose their rule of history on the way. Facebook has announced that it will now be possible to transfer WhatsApp histories from the iOS operating system to Android devices. These are chats, voicemails, photos and videos – all without sending them to WhatsApp during the process.

They stressed that at the moment, this option is available in every Samsung device, running the Android 10 and above operating system, and it will soon be available in more devices with Android. From now on, when you configure the app on the new device, it will be possible to transfer the history from the old device securely. For this you will only need a USB.C cable for Lightning.

Here’s how:

In order to transfer the messaging history from iPhone to Galaxy, you need four things:

  • SmartSwitch app version or later on the Galaxy device.
  • WhatsApp app in version or higher on the iPhone device.
  • WhatsApp app in version or higher on the Galaxy device.
  • USB.C cable for Lightning or parallel adapters.

Making the transfer is quite simple: when you open the SmartSwitch app for the purpose of transferring the information, there will be guidance on the process, and a requirement for the QR code to be scanned on the Galaxy device by the iPhone device.

This is a first and unofficial step on the subject, but it is likely that many users are satisfied with the new update

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