Microsoft Viva is a technology designed to improve the work experience in hybrid environments

Microsoft has unveiled the Microsoft Vivaa module platform, which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to improve the user experience for enterprises that enable hybrid working.

It’s a product that’s built inside another of the company’s services, such as Microsoft Teams, and uses Sharepoint, Yammer, and Office 365 to personalize and match the remote work experience as closely as possible to the face-to-face one.

The company developed this solution based on the findings of a recent survey done by IDC for Microsoft, which found that 85 percent of businesses believe that a better employee experience leads to higher profits.

The current situation has been dubbed a “hybrid conundrum” by Microsoft because, after nearly two years of transitioning to a job that combines face-to-face and remote work, the paradigm has shifted.

Workers now demand more freedom as well as improved face-to-face communication. As a result, the technical manufacturer believes it is critical to focus employee experience management.

This is necessary since the company’s organization in this regard will have an impact on attracting new personnel and keeping talent. According to IDC research, creating a good worker-organization relationship leads to a 21 percent boost in staff productivity, an 11 percent rise in revenue, and a better customer experience (17 percent ).

Similarly, firms must be aware of and understand their employees’ new goals in order to prioritize culture and people, as well as implement regulations tailored to each situation.

“In order to operate in the new hybrid environment, it is critical to rethink the organization in at least three major dimensions: people, spaces, and processes,” said Antonio Cruz Cruz-Conde, Microsoft’s head of Modern Workplace.

“It is impossible to think of a single model that is appropriate for all: it will be different for each person, firm, function, and place,” the manager said of hybrid work.


The Microsoft Vivaa platform of modules focused on improving the user experience and streamlining daily activities in the workplace to suit these corporate goals.

This technology provides personalised information that helps work teams to discover unhealthy behaviours and makes that knowledge available to their managers so that best practices can be implemented.

Insights, Learning, Connections, and Topics are the four major modules that make up this platform, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the firm.

Viva Insights, for its part, provides workers with individualized information so they can better manage their time and relationships with coworkers and managers.

Team leaders and managers can get recommendations for balancing productivity and employee well-being in this line.

Viva Insights provides each employee with a tailored interface that includes a mood score and a part where users are encouraged to perform relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

Instead, Viva Learning improves and expands training and professional development possibilities for workers. To do so, gather all of an organization’s learning resources in one place.

Users can learn new skills, share or assign them to other coworkers, and keep track of the courses they take over the day.

Employees can also access internal communications and company resources, as well as policies and benefits, through Viva Connections.

In this method, the organization can boost employee engagement with the company or brand, as well as collaboration and “networking” with other employees.

Finally, Viva Topics interacts with third-party services like ServiceNow and Salesforce and employs AI technology to analyze and extract value from a user’s Microsoft 365 data.

This module allows you to navigate to a page that contains papers, conversations, videos, and individuals relevant to a particular area or topic.

In this approach, it provides an experience that lets employees extract value and information while also keeping them informed and connected with professionals at their firm.

“Workers have the tools they need to stay connected to the rest of the organization and committed to the company’s goals thanks to Microsoft Viva,” said Microsoft Modern Work specialist Jimena Moreno de Alborán.

“Managers have sufficient quality data life of their teams,” the expert added, “which results in a sense of belonging and organizational operational results.”

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