Sonos Ray is their smallest soundbar, the voice system sounds like Gus from Breaking Bad

After Arca and Beam, Sonos has introduced a new soundbar that expands its collection of home theaters with the ability to easily connect to content. Sonos Ray is their smallest soundbar and the most affordable, but also the simplest soundbar.

“Homes have become cinemas, exercise venues, video game centers and more, all supported by an era of streaming that is no longer exclusive to TV, music and film,” said Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “Ray makes improving these listening experiences easier than ever, thanks to its smaller size and impressive sound.”

At Sonos, they say that this soundbar has focused on those who want to enrich the sound of the TV without too many complications, and for Ray they have developed several patents and innovations to deliver balanced sound, sharp dialogues and solid bass.

This is how specially designed waveguides stand out, which project sound from wall to wall, and advanced processing precisely positions the elements throughout the room. There’s a new bass reflex system with its own design that should deliver bass tones with perfectly balanced bass, while custom acoustics precisely match mid and treble frequencies. Like all Sonos speakers, Ray is tuned with the help of Sonos Soundboard, a leading collection in music, film and more. You can fine-tune the sound with Trueplay to create the ideal listening experience for any room. Sonos’ Speech Enhancement ensures greater speech clarity, while Night Sound reduces the intensity of loud effects so you don’t disturb anyone at home.

As with previous speakers, Sonos assures us that Ray should have the same surprise effect with the amount of sound for such a compact speaker. By the way, when it comes to connectivity, Ray does not offer an HDMI connection, but an optical connector for the TV, and there is also a LAN connection for the Internet or wireless connection. But you can pair it with other Sonos or IKEA Symfonisk speakers. Sonos Ray is globally available on June 7, 2022 for $ 2,299.

Sonos has also announced voice control – Sonos Voice Control that works on every Sonos speaker that has voice capabilities, processing requests entirely on the device. No audio recordings or transcripts are sent to the cloud, stored, listened to or read by anyone. Available on new products with voice capabilities and as a free update for existing customers, Sonos Voice Control is compatible with Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Pandora applications at launch. More services and markets will follow in the future.

Sonos Voice Control finds the music you want to listen to, processing requests entirely on the device. Local processing brings faster response time and easy follow-up. All you have to say is “Hey Sonos” and you can follow up without the need for additional words of waking up. Just like the Sonos app, you can manage music and speakers in any room, easily move music around the house, store and like your songs in your personal music library, and more. Sonos has chosen award-winning actor Giancarlo Esposito – best known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian – to give a famous voice to American customers.

“Sonos is committed to delivering new experiences that effortlessly connect listeners with the content they love.” said Joseph Dureau, vice president, Voice Experience, Sonos. “One of the most natural ways to connect with your music is your voice, but when we talk to our customers, we hear that many of them are concerned about privacy and therefore do not use existing voice services. Created exclusively for listening on Sonos and designed with privacy in its At its core, Sonos Voice Control provides the Sonos app experience using just your voice. ”

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