how is Galperin’s “unmissable promo” for MercadoLibre users

The CEO of Free market, Mark Galperin, took advantage of his high profile on Twitter to launch an offer that caused surprise among his followers. This is a promotion with which it is possible to access various streaming movies and series services and apart from having free shipping for purchases made on the ecommerce platform in exchange for 2 dollars per month.

While the isolation measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic were still in force, on August 31, 2021, Galperin announced the arrival of a benefit for those users with the highest level on the platform (Market Level 6 Points) that included free access to Combo+, which includes a Disney+ and Star+ subscription.

Almost nine months after that launch, the boss of Mercado Libre redoubled the bet. “Sorry, but if you live in Argentina, this promo is unmissable, for less than 2 dollars (CCL) per month you have Disney + and Star + free; HBO Max and Paramount ++ with 50% off: and free and fast shipping with discounts on Merado Libre and Mercado Pago,” the businessman wrote on Twitter.

And it is that if the current price of the dollar is taken “counted with liquidation” it can be taken into account that by 399 pesos a user can contract MercadoLibre’s “level 6” service.

As they shared on their official website, MercadoLibre’s “premium” service offers various benefits from exclusive discounts on purchases and shipping of products free of chargeas well as the possibility of accessing two streaming platforms for free.

The most striking is the inclusion of the Disney + “Combo + Plus” pack, which includes Disney + and Star + services, without charging any extra charge. Namely, a service that costs about $ 995 in case of contracting it outside of this promotion against the tempting $399 offered by Marcos Galperín.


The Disney+ (Disney Plus) and Star+ (Star Plus) combo offered by Mercado Libre in exchange for 2 dollars.

Other offers include a 50% discount on the services of HBO Max (currently coming out $3,400 a year) y Paramount+ (which comes out $299 a month), while also offering a 45% discount on MercadoLibre products.

How to level up in Mercado Libre

The benefits of Mercado Libre for those who subscribe to Level 6. The benefits of Mercado Libre for those who subscribe to Level 6.

When you make a purchase at Mercado Libre, you automatically enter the Mercado Puntos program, where points are accumulated for each purchase.

At a higher level of the buyer, a lower priced product will also have shipping included.

Los levels 1 and 2 they will get free shipping or discounts on thousands of products and purchases protected for 30 days.

those of level 3 In addition to the benefits of levels 1 and 2, they will also obtain exclusive discounts, which include up to 15% discounts on shipments of products requested by this platform under 4,000 pesos.

for those of level 4 shipping discounts will be 25%, plus the benefits of previous levels.

The benefits for level 5 will be 35% and for those of level 6 They will be 45 percent plus the included services of Disney + and Star +.

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