Croatia: The meeting of tourism and IT: The pandemic has pushed smart tourism

Tech and the tourist year, unlike the short season depending on the weather, creating a culture of smart, the advantages of smart city, but also smart tourist destinations, all these were the topics of Combis ‘online panel’ DiscussIT: What happens when tourism meets IT? ‘.

– Technology is the basis for a culture of smart that has yet to be built in our cities and tourist destinations, but for which there is more and more space, especially after the pandemic experience during which the use of digital tools has strengthened. The emphasis is on more innovative and efficient communication of a destination or company with tourists with the help of technology or application that creates a high quality user experience or simple payment for content or additional services proposed by a system based on tourist behavior. The possibilities and opportunities are numerous, there are hundreds of services and solutions – said Goran Car, CEO of Combis.

In addition to the lessons and experiences of the pandemic that pushed smart tourism into the spotlight, they also talked about other potentials that Croatia has in tourism, but does not use it enough.

– In IT jargon, Croatian tourism has matured for the ‘next level’, with a strong focus on content. It is time to raise the quality and build higher value content that will turn the tourist season into a tourist year – said Josipa Jutt Ferlan, director of the cluster of Hilton hotels in Zagreb and director of Zagreb City Hotels.

– New values ​​should be added to the natural elements of the offer that our country abounds in in order to become more competitive in the tourist market. IT contributes to systematic innovations in tourism through monitoring and adapting to modern trends and individualized requirements of tourists. The goal of our tourism is a satisfied guest through a diverse, authentic, indigenous and continuously available offer of content in destinations, tailored to specific target groups of tourists – says Daniela Gračan, full professor at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and head of the Department of Tourism.

– At Valamar, we consider digitalization an important segment in the company’s strategic development. Valamar’s digital department represents a link between business needs and IT infrastructure, which enables a focus on the development of new products and services, as well as quality operational management of resources and platforms. In addition to generating significant revenues through direct digital channels, at 65% of total revenues, in recent years we have made significant investments in the field of digitalization and automation of processes in the human resources sector and we believe that this has contributed to Valamar holding the title TOP employer in tourism – said Marko Čižmek, member of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera.

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