White House CDC: Slow down the third-dose vaccine

Senior U.S. health officials say they do not have enough data to recommend continued booster dose • White House epidemic coordinator stressed that they will continue to follow the scientists’ recommendations and act on their conclusions • U.S. officials explain:

Is the US vaccination campaign coming to an end? About two weeks ago, the United States announced the opening of the third vaccine to the American public, but yesterday (Friday) the leaders of the CDC and the FDA recommended to the White House to slow down the third.dose vaccination program to the general public. All the necessary data and conduct in.depth research on the subject.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, an employee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, made it clear to the White House that their agencies would only be able to determine in a few weeks whether it was right to recommend the booster order. Who stressed that he would follow the advice of government scientists and act in accordance with what their guidelines would lead.

Joe Biden signs orders (Photo: Reuters, Shay Franco, Reuters)
Joe Biden in the White House | Photo: Reuters, Shay Franco, Reuters

White House spokeswoman Jen Saki commented on the issue, saying: “We have always said we will follow the scientists’ recommendations, and this is all part of a process that is underway.

The US explains that no data has yet arrived from Israel proving the effectiveness and safety of the booster. The FDA is not content with this and seeks to see basic data proving the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

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