The ECHR obliged Armenia to pay 16.5 thousand euros to the good owner of DIY

Today, the European Court ordered Armenia to pay 16,500 euros to the good owner of DIY, Armine Oganezova, who was blown up ten years ago in the center of Yerevan.

Oganezova had applied to the ECHR and complained that the authorities could not protect her from discriminatory, inhuman treatment.

The International Court of Justice has ruled that these two articles of the European Convention have been violated in Armenia in this case: the prohibitions of inhuman or degrading treatment or discrimination. The court also considered that the authorities did not conduct a proper investigation to reveal the details of the case.

A year after the 2012 bombing, a court found two brothers guilty of smashing pub glass and blowing up gasoline. “It became a gathering place for the LGBT community, which was a shame for Armenia,” the young people said.

After two years in prison, the brothers were released under amnesty. Armine Oganezova, better known as Tsomak, had left the country and now lives in Sweden. The victim Oganezova had expressed doubts after the incident that the explosion was sponsored by the ARF. He stated at a press conference after the explosion that the incident followed his interview with Yerkir Media, in which he said he would visit Turkey to take part in a “gay parade”.

As a proof of his suspicions, the victim mentioned that the lawyer of one of the young people who blew up the pub was a Dashnak, and one of the people who paid the 1 million AMD bail for him was ARF member Artsvik Minasyan. Minasyan countered that the party had nothing to do with it, and that he, as an MP, had repeatedly petitioned that the suspects not be detained so that detention of a person would not be accepted as a precautionary measure.

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