After her neighbor’s dramatic statement: Russia has reacted sharply

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced today (Tuesday) the expulsion of two diplomats from the Finnish embassy in Moscow, in response to a similar move against the embassy in Helsinki. The Russians explained that the move was also carried out due to “Finland’s confrontation path towards Russia, including the supply of weapons to Kiev and the concealment of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists against civilians in the Donbas.”

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, Reiterated today that Russia will “achieve all goals” in Ukraine. “We are confident that everything will be fine, and we are confident that we will win and achieve all the goals,” he said. “Our president knows where he is leading the country. The whole country supports him, all the generations in the country support him.” He added that the Ukrainian people are “peace-loving and talented”, but “have been working on it for a long time”.

Two days ago, Finland announced that it would apply to join the NATO alliance, President Sauli Ninista and Prime Minister Sana Marin announced at a special press conference at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, despite Russia’s clear opposition.

Close to Finland’s statement that it intends to apply, the Kremlin said it “definitely” posed a threat to Russia. According to Peskov, “the expansion of the military alliance will not make Europe, or the world more stable.” He further noted during a conference call with reporters that Finland’s steps are “cause for remorse” and “reason to force a symmetrical response”.

Later, Finland’s national electricity company confirmed to Sky News that Russia had officially cut off the country from Russian electricity. Reima Faibinen, senior vice president at Fingrid, said they were “sure there would be no major problems with the issue”, given the energy aid expected to come from Sweden. As mentioned, the electricity coming from Russia constitutes about ten percent of the electricity consumption in the country.

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