Syria agreed today (Saturday) to Lebanon’s request to import Egyptian gas for energy production, according to the Sana news agency. This, during a historic visit by Lebanese ministers to the Syrian capital, Damascus, against the background of the deep political.economic.socio.crisis in Lebanon, led by the energy crisis.

Lebanon suffers from a gas shortage, which has meant that vital services in the country, such as hospitals and others, have been forced to cease operations or shrink. The crisis is the product of a broader economic collapse that plagued the country as early as 2019.

For, according to a report by the United Nations Children’s Fund, published last July, the severe economic crisis in Lebanon mainly affects families and children. In their lives, with few resources and no access to social support.

According to a recent UNICEF estimate, more than 30 percent of Lebanese children have gone to bed hungry and skipped meals in the past month. 77% of households do not have enough food or enough money to buy food. In Syrian refugee households, the figure reaches 99%. It also emerged that 60% of households need to buy food on credit or borrow money.

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