Nordhausen/Erfurt connection: Bahn announces years of delay

Erfurt/Nordhausen – The ICE connection between northern Thuringia and Erfurt should be improved by 2025. Extensive modernization work should then be completed. Now the bad news from Deutsche Bahn: The renovation of the route will be delayed – by several years.

A regional express runs every hour between Nordhausen and the state capital of Erfurt. Guests must plan a travel time of around one hour and 15 minutes for this 67-kilometer route. Actually, the northern houses should get a faster feeder to the ICE junction in Erfurt by 2025. But nothing will come of it for the time being.

“The reason is changed legal conditions and problems with the building site, which required rescheduling,” said a railway spokesman on Thursday.

The expansion project for the single-track, non-electrified route began back in 2014. The journey time between the two cities should be reduced by around 15 minutes and northern Thuringia should have better ICE connections. Reports have now revealed that the subsoil is not suitable for some sections of the route. The floor needs to be partially replaced. Also, the railway needs to acquire more land to build wider dams and accesses along the railway line. According to Bahn, specific information on the new schedule and costs can only be given in the autumn.

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