AGI – “The virus still exists, it is strong and circulating. Either we strengthen the vaccination campaign again, or we are forced to imagine that at some point we will have to use the measures of the past”. Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who today will chair the G20 of Health Ministers at the Capitol, does not rule out new closures or restrictive measures if the vaccination campaign does not produce the desired effects.

“I’m saying that vaccines save people’s lives – he explains in an interview with Corriere della Sera – In a pandemic the blanket risks being short, either we forcefully pull it on the side of vaccines or we will have to imagine new closures“Adds the head of health of the Draghi government:” If the defense of the right to health and the need to avoid new deprivation of liberty should lead us to this solution, we will certainly not be afraid and we will not stop “.

However, for Speranza the vaccination campaign “is going very well. The kids are teaching everyone a lesson, they understood better than the others that the vaccine is an instrument of freedom The country is in profound harmony with the choices of the government “.

“We were the first on the obligation for health care workers and then France and numerous other countries followed us. The obligation is not an already determined and certain choice, but an instrument that we have and if necessary will be implemented without fear”. On the government’s direction on making vaccination compulsory, the minister said that “the passage of the EMA would make everything easier, but vaccines are already safe and therefore can be done even without it, as it was for health professionals. A government always has a margin of choice “. Times? “It will be evaluated over the weeks,” he added.

Explains Speranza: “The government will take into account the epidemiological situation and hospitalizations, with particular attention to intensive care and the number of deaths, the most dramatic thing. These data will intersect with the percentage of vaccinated”. The choice “will be made on the basis of a sum of factors, including the strength of the variant. We may find ourselves in difficulty even with more than 90% vaccinated, or on the contrary we do not need the obligation without reaching that quota”.

The minister talks about the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine, a concrete hypothesis, as also announced by Prime Minister Draghi in recent days. It will start with people “who have a very low immune response, with transplant recipients, with some types of cancer patients, then the Rsa, the 80-year-olds and health personnel”.

Speranza is also convinced that an extension of the Green Pass obligation for “the public administration will be launched this week. Brunetta is doing an important job to bring a significant part of people who are smart working into the presence “.

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